Expert Server Management

Tired of paying hundreds of dollars per hour to have an IT professional manage your server? Don’t have the capacity, nor the budget to hire full time staff to take care of your infrastructure? Let Dynamic Hosting take care of it for you! We have an expert system administration team waiting to help you with maintenance, disaster recovery, application installation, custom configurations, and much more.

You can use your time for any system administration tasks related to your server. We will take care of Operating System security updates***, regular software updates***, software firewall configuration, or even infrastructure planning and consulting. So why not grab a Dynamic Hosting Managed Services plan with your Dedicated Server, VM, or VPS? Not only will they save you money, your system will be running effectively and securely!

Managed Services Plans

base OS
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Monthly Fee (CAD) $19.95 $39.95 $59.95 $99.95 $149.95
Minutes per month Included * 0 45 90 180 240
Automated Backup Service Included ** Not Available Not Available 10GB 20GB 50GB
Monitoring Service Included Not Available Not Available Not Available Yes Yes
Managed DNS Zones Included 1 3 5 10 20
Hourly overage rate $110/hr $89.95/hr $79.95/hr $69,95/hr $59.95/hr
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* Any work done outside of regular business hours (8:00AM-6:00PM AST) will be counted as double time.
** Setup of the Automated Backup Service consumes 0.5hrs from the first month of allocated hours.
*** Linux servers will consume .5hrs per month to do binary package updates (using aptitude, yum, etc.). Windows servers will consume 3hrs per month to perform Windows Updates and regular maintenance.