Moving to the Cloud has one big Problem

The cloud is great for many things like scalability, but what most people don’t realize is that when it comes to Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP), the cloud often falls short. The challenge for most organizations is that they have compliance policies designed to protect business continuity that requires them to backup their data in a different location (often on a different network). With three data center nodes in Canada this solution can easily be tailored to provide highly redundant (or available) DRP solutions.

We have the solution

R1Soft CDP Entrprise BackupsWe’ve tailor made this cloud data backup solution in conjunction with our partner R1Soft to perfectly meet the needs of customers who have their data in the cloud and require a true enterprise class Disaster Recovery (DR) plan. The unique aspect of our offering is that our solution works with all cloud providers including: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace, &

The Ultimate in Disaster Recovery

Our proven DR technology has been developed in conjunction with R1Soft and has been deployed in our highly demanding production environments for the past 10+ years. It’s proven to be a high performance disk to disk automated server backup service for both Linux and Windows Servers that is secure and reliable. Once a complete initial replica of all your data is captured, we can provide you with a complete backup in minutes whenever and wherever you may need it (as well as perform full bare metal restores if required). Your data is protected at the block-level and unique disk blocks are only stored once across all recovery points, increasing storage efficiency.


We offer two models for pricing as well as a flexible upgrade / downgrade path should your resource requirements change over time (All prices are in Canadian (CAD) dollars).

_Pay as You Grow Flex Plan _
___ Fixed Pricing
Base Monthly Fee $21.95 CAD 50 GB $29.95 Buy Now
100 GB $39.95 Buy Now
150 GB $49.95 Buy Now
Price per GB / Month $0.19 CAD 200 GB $59.95 Buy Now
350 GB $79.95 Buy Now
500 GB $ 99.95 Buy Now
1 TB $179.95 Buy Now
RAID 10 failsafe Available Available
Unlimited Restore Points Available Available
Bare Metal Restore Capable Available Available
Fully Featured Web Interface Available Available
Encrypted Data Transfer Available Available
Buy Now

Making sure your data is secure

All data is continuously encrypted while in storage in our Canadian data centres as well as during network transmission using RSA keys. Decryption during a restore is only possible when the encryption key holder enters their pass phrase. This, in effect, means that our servers do not contain intelligible customer data at any point.

Easy bare-metal restore

Restore servers directly from disk-based backup. Unlike traditional backup software, there is no need to first partition your drive and install the operating system.

How it Works:

Our experienced team works with you to install the secure backup agent on the instances you wish to have backed up, then you select:

  • Backup Storage Location (we have both east & west coast data repositories available now).
  • Frequency with which you would like your data to be replicated.
  • Your data retention length.

We do the rest, ensuring that your data is always backed up and, in the case it is not backed up for any reason, we notify you immediately.

Customized Cloud Server Data Backup Solutions

If the above solutions don’t fit your backup needs, please feel free to contact us at any time at We are more than happy to help make a backup service that works for you!