From day one we’ve been fully committed to a strong set of values that we not only talk about but we put our money where our mouth is. Giving back to the community is one of the fundamental pillars of what we stand for. In addition to donating time, resources, and money to various charitable organizations, we are very happy to support the non-for profit and entrepreneurial communities as well with the following offers:



Registered Charitable Organizations 30% wecare30
Registered Not For Profit Organizations 15% wecare15
Halifax Chamber of Commerce Members 10% DynamicChamber


You can apply any of these codes to your online order. We do check to ensure that you qualify so please only use them when they apply.

For Registered Charitable Organizations that require more advanced infrastructure please feel free to contact us as we do offer donations in trade for many good causes. Here are a few we’ve helped out in the past:

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